As far as I remember, I always wanted to tell stories. Horror, science fiction, drama, no matter which genre, I wanted my audience captive and fascinated by my stories. As a teenager photo and cinema arrived in my life with all the strength of their images and their emotions. First subdued by Hollywood movies and their deployments, I then felt overwhelmed by the intensity of international cinema and the universality of his stories. Forcier, Valley, Lauzon, Dolan, Lurhman, Verhoeven, Almodovar, Spielberg and Abrams; may their vision be commercial or ‘d’auteur’, I want a director to clasps my soul to make me experience a universe, his! My job is to love actors, direct them and tell stories.

Whether created or a reflection of the madness around us, I want to see the world illustrated with their perceptions and feelings. That’s the director I am, in the making. In a single image or the rate of 24 per second, this is the reason why I exist, therefore I imagine, why am I telling tales; to move, simply.


I’m from a little town in Québec, called Joliette. After my studies in Montreal as a technician for movie and television, I moved to the Ottawa-Gatineau region. There I perfected my craft as a screenwriter and a director. My firsts two english narrative short films S.E.N.S.E and LOOK UP SON have been showcase in Films Festivals and winning awards; best story, best acting and best film. 

Narrative or documentary, the only thing that matter is the story you want to tell.

I know now that I have some visitors from other country since I posted some work in English, but not enough for a whole site in English, at least for now!

So I’ll try to keep some updates in English here, and I hope you’ll enjoy my work; video or pictures.

Don’t be shy to comment, I’m always please to get some feedbacks on my work,